NILS stands for No Interest Loan Scheme.

Loans of up to $2000 are available to low income earners to access credit for an essential item without fees, charges or interest payments.
Loans are generally used for the following items but other essentials may also be acceptable. 

*  Fridges
*  Washing Machines
*  Stoves
*  Dryers
*  Freezers and heaters
*  Health Aids
*  Medical & Dental
*  Technology
*  Housing & Household Furniture
*  Educational essentials such as laptops,tablets and text books
*  Car Registration/car repairs/tyres
*  Course fees

No credit checks are made, as this program is based on trust and respect.
Loans are not for debts or rent arrears.

If you are interested to apply for a NILS loan, please pop into the office to pick up a NILS information pack (or download via link). The NILS information pack outlines the documentation you need to gather prior to making an appointment time. 

Please contact reception (PH: 03 9761 1325) for further information. 

NILS Information Pack documents: