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The Boronia Community Breakfast Program

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The people of Boronia can now enjoy a free hot breakfast four days a week. Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at Boronia Progress Hall, 134 Boronia Road Boronia.

The Boronia Community Breakfast Program is uniting those in need as well as providing important links to support services in the local community. By offering the breakfast four days a week it makes it easy to access and remember, particularly when life can be very complicated and challenging.

The Boronia Community Breakfast Program is supported by Knox Infolink staff & volunteers. The Program is one of several initiatives in Boronia supported by the Suburban Revitalisation Program, which works with communities to plan and deliver infrastructure, community development and engagement initiatives.  The program also has the support of a reference group that helps guide the project.  The representatives on the Reference Group are from different organisations including, EACH, Knox Council, Uniting Homelessness Services, Boronia Police Station, The Basin Community House and St Paul’s Church.

The Boronia Community Breakfast is having a very positive impact in the community providing a healthy breakfast, fun activities, a sense of community and belonging and the opportunity to receive casework support or be linked with other support services.  A person-focused service that we are very proud of that compliments all the other services offered by Knox Infolink.

For more information on the Boronia Breakfast program contact us at Knox Infolink.

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