As an essential service, Knox Infolink continues to remain
open throughout COVID and beyond,
providing all our regular services including:
Food Parcels I Meat I Toiletries I Nappies I Pet Food I Myki Cards I Chemist Vouchers I Op Shop Vouchers I Telco Assistance
Referrals & Information about other services & more.
Providing a friendly and supportive service
to all those in Knox who are struggling,
whether it be a short term crisis or something more enduring.

we are here to help

Please call us on 9761 1325
for more information
while our website is ‘Under Construction’.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

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Proposed Boronia Community Breakfast Program

Knox Infolink has been operating an information, referral, support and emergency relief services for 29 years and have the opportunity to expand the service to include a 5 day p.w. community breakfast program, run out of the Boronia Progress Hall that is located next door. The following 3.5 minute video gives you a snap shot of who Knox Infolink is and what we do, the services we provide and a look at where we are proposing to run the breakfast program. The Revitalisation Board Grant will provide the much needed financial support, combined with the contributions from Knox Council, Knox Infolink and the In- Kind contribution from the community in the form of a team of volunteers program to make this grassroots community development project a reality. A project that is designed to not only connect those that are vulnerable in the community but also connect them with numerous local support services through the role of an experienced caseworker.



We are enjoying life again which seems almost normal
It is still very very important that we keep practising
Social Distancing
Wearing Masks when required

It will still be some time before many people in our community get through these very stressful times

We at Knox Infolink remain committed to supporting you during this time.
PLEASE CALL US 9761 1325
We can do phone interviews and home deliveries for those who are unable to attend the office or may have compromised health.
We will listen to what you need are and respond with care.
Please continue to take care of each other - and reach out for help if you need it - there are lots of services wanting to help and we can link you to them.


 Our Emergency Relief offers:-

  • Resources tailored for homeless 
  • Food parcels, fruit and vegetables, meat trays & toiletries
  • Myki Cards
  • Phone Cards
  • Vouchers for emergency prescriptions 
  • Referrals to other support services

Link to Emergency Relief Support Services Pamphlets which you may also find helpful during the COVID-19. 

Emergency Relief Support Services Pamphlet
Emergency Relief Agencies outside Knox                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

 We will update our FACEBOOK PAGE AND WEBPAGE to inform you of any changes in our services and procedures as they came to hand.

Knox Infolink Management