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We are very appreciative of the generosity of the community who support us in providing our services to people who are experiencing a difficult time in their lives.

While the Knox City Council provides the operational & administrative costs, your donations are used to directly assist our clients.    Donations can to given through the following programs.

  1. Knox Infolink - Food parcels and toiletries
  2. Share the Joy - Christmas Appeal
  3. Shopnate - Food parcels and toiletries

Donations of non-perishable food items and toiletries are also very welcome to be delivered at our office.

Thank you so very much


  • Many ways to Donate

    Many ways to Donate

    When you financially support Knox Infolink Inc, your tax-deductible-dollar (receipt can be provided) goes towards helping those in our community who are in desperate need of assistance with food parcels, toiletries and other material aid. We would also appreciate donations of non-perishable food items and toiletries. Your support is greatly appreciated.
  • Christmas Appeal

    Christmas Appeal

    Supporting Knox families “doing it tough” at Christmas time

    Christmas can be a difficult time for families to pay bills as well as buy food and presents. This is especially true for people on a low income as a result of unemployment, reduced work hours, fragile mental or physical health, increasing rent or housing costs, and struggling with the increasing cost of living. With the current economic climate we predict that the demand for assistance at Christmas will increase once again in the City of Knox.

  • Our Purpose

    Our Purpose

    An information advocacy and referral service that is free, confidential and impartial.

    Confidential interviews, always respecting the client's right to make his/her own decisions

    Our staff of volunteers are people who are trained to assist with your enquiries in a professional, friendly manner.

  • Centre Services

    Centre Services

    Knox Infolink has been supporting the Knox community for over 25 years. Our services include Community Information/Emergency Relief No Interest Loans (NILS) Tax Help and many Support Services. All interviews are confidential always respecting the rights of our clients. Our staff of volunteers are people who are trained to assist clients in a professional and friendly matter.
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